Saturday, May 29, 2010

Deaf scamming Deaf, Can This Be True?

This is really sad. Deaf people are scamming their own people??? I would like to warn everyone about this scam so no one is tricked! Here is what happened, I got an email from Deaf Peter Desmond through Facebook and he told me that I had won US$100,000.00... I had no idea who he was, but his Facebook profile said he was from Indiana School for the Deaf (ISD). Nevertheless, I knew it was a scam right away but I was still curious to see how he was going to try and scam me? I responded back to him and asked him "what is the procedure?" He replied back and asked for my personal information and my address. I was surprised he didn't ask for my credit card number, my bank account number, my SSN, or even my phone number.

Although, I wonder perhaps his account was hacked??? Maybe this Peter Desmond is really innocent?

Nevertheless , watch out for scams and be careful about what you say or do.

Below is a copy of the scam. (I have highlighted some obvious clues that indicates it is a spam). 

Deaf Peter Desmond May 25 at 7:00am Report

My name is Desmond A Full Deaf Man from Face Book Office. I am one of the Face Book Agent, am here to announce to you a very good news.We want to inform you that your Screen Name is Lucky to be among one of the Lucky Winners during the Face Book Anniversary 2010 and am so much happy to inform you that we shall be giving you the sum of US$100,000.00 for been one of our Lucky Winners.
We really appreciate you for joining our website and for been one of our Yearly Anniversary Lucky Winners, so we want you to reply us back right away as soon as you receive this message to claim your US$100,000.00

Thank you and God Bless!.

Claims Manager
Desmond Peter
Face Book Public Relation Office.

Drew's response: "Sure. What's the procedure? "

Yes this is real, I am the claims manager of powerball and facebook funds for deaf (PFFD). PFFD is a charity organization that helps deaf and hard of hearing. PFFD is in collaboration with the governing body of FACEBOOK by selecting all the people that are active online. Among the millions that subscribed to facebook, we select TEN people every Month as our winners through electronic balloting System without the winner applying, and your profile name has won you the sum of US$100,000.00 we congratulate you for being one of the people selected. To claim your winnings you fill the form below and send to the email address:

Full name........
Full Home Address......
Your Age.....
Mobile Number.......
What do you do for living.........
Do you Own a house or Rent Appt........
Do you have YAHOO IM or MSN IM......

I am working on your winning prize and it will be ready after you complete process, you can check our related lottery website there you find many people who won same lottery : www. powerball .com

Best wishes

Claims Manager
Desmond Peter (above it says Peter Desmond ???)
Face Book Public Relation Office. 


  1. What about Tina S. Crumble ??? I recently got a friend request from her on Faccebook and no one konws her???

  2. That is common scam from Nigeria.

  3. Yes, it is an obvious scam. The language pattern sounds more foreign than American, and not typical of deaf at all. This foreign pattern appears in another scam I received not too long ago in which the person impersonated an FBI agent.

    Facebook has been hacked several times this year and many deaf people had their contact lists exposed. This is probably where the scammer got names and email addresses.

    What makes scammers dangerous is that they learn information from us and use it against us. Example: emphasis on "full deaf". Asking information on what you do and whether you own your home. Don't even answer. Delete them immediately.

  4. There are also scams at DeafNation expos. Watch out for World Ventures.

  5. It's an obvious scam. I don't think anyone needs to hack anyone else's FB account to do this sort of thing, they can just set up their own fake name & page and claim to be from some deaf school.

    Five or ten years ago I would feel sympathy for a victim of such a scam, but if anyone still falls for this kind of thing in the year 2010, they are just plain stupid and deserve it.

  6. what about this guy Bruce Richardson Good Day to you Mrs Kelly , you are one of the winners on the list for Deaf weekly Lotto Programmed brought by the Deaf Home Social Security
    You winning prize worth about $50,000 the programe was bring to help our citizen who has lost a lot of properties, President Barrack Obama have better life for you deafs and i said what do i have to do and he said give me you full name and address

  7. And I said no Thank you LOL

  8. Thanks for posting this. Someone in facebook is still preying the deaf exactly mentioning the name Officer Desmond. They cannot fool me!
    I will report on this guy who has been trying to get me involved in obtaining "my $50,000".
    Charles Wildbank

  9. yes i got this mail. but what can they do with the information??? i answered, stupid i know. but i deleted it 10 minutes later. is that too late???


  10. WHAT A SCAM & LUCKILY I DIDN'T FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THEIR REQUEST OF PASSWORDS & ETC..."Hello and how you doing today? I’m so happy because I got $50,000.00 cheque from Facebook affiliated powerball/megamillions. They are giving the fund to people using facebook to support them.I wonder if you gotten your cheque too ?because I saw your name on the Facebook list of unclaimed funds and I ask the courier service that brought my cheque to my front door but he said they can not locate your address so that’s why am sending you this message to get you informed on how to claim your winning cheque too .Here is their claiming Agent Contact Emails and Number:-Agent Dewayne Hickman or Agent Elizabeth Harris or Pittman Humphrey( or or or Or you can call their contact number:- +447024041649."

    1. I received this exact letter from a friend on my FB friends list exact same letter same names and everything. it also said all he had to pay was $1,000 when they brought his check to the door. thanks for putting that up there I get all scams from Nigeria everyday Id be a billionaire by now but this is the most recent., Thank you.

  11. From where I came from, there are no courier services nor deliverers that come straight to your door. You have to go to your box and pick them up after going through Customs Division! So sad they couldn't fool me!

  12. be careful this happened to my friend now he can not get into his facecbook